Friday, July 13, 2018

Painted Shirt: How To

Blank shirts are okay, but a shirt with a picture has much more personality! One easy way to add pizzazz to an ordinary shirt is by painting on a picture! Here is what you need:

  •  Plain shirt
  • Acrylic paint
  • Pallet
  • Paint brush
  • A design
  • A marking pen (or some sort of marker with ink that will erase in the washer)
  • Fabric paint medium

Step One: Create your design. If you have amazing art skills, you can paint the Mona Lisa on a shirt but if you are not the next Da Vinci, even a simple heart or basic animal shape will look great! I chose a moth because I am a fan of moths.

Step Two: Use the marking pen to draw your design onto your shirt.

Step Three: Prepare your paints. You will need to mix the fabric paint medium with the acrylic paints you are using. Fabric paint medium transforms ordinary acrylic paint into paint that can last on a shirt and through whirls in the washing machine. Along with mixing the fabric paint medium into your acrylic, mix the colors so you have the colors you want.

Step Four: Time to paint! Paint your design onto the shirt.

Step Five: Let the design sit over night.

Step Six: Iron the design to heat set.

Step Seven: Sport your new shirt!

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