Monday, July 9, 2018

Ordinary Bob and the Extraordinary Creature

Here's an illustration I did recently of a cruising creature encountering a human and a dog. 

Ordinary Bob, it's what they called him his whole life. He had an ordinary family, but even within his own family he was the most ordinary of them all. He had an ordinary profession- a banker. He had an ordinary hobby-tennis. He had a dog, which many ordinary people have, but his dog wasn't ordinary because there is no such thing- every dog is pretty extraordinary. But, beyond his little dog Pip, everything was pretty ordinary for Ordinary Bob.

That is, until his encounter. He was walking with Pip when together they saw it- a magnificent creature. It was colorful with a pensive expression upon it's face. It's whole body oscillated like a wave as it rambled down the pathway. Ordinary Bob was frozen in place. Pip was wagging his tail. The creature passed them by and disappeared into the distance.

The experience profoundly altered Bob. He started to think about things he never thought about before- the fragility of existence, the strangeness of reality, what truly constitutes good and evil in our world, how mysterious truths have the power to alter our lives.... his mind was just whirling with thoughts and ideas. He had an urge to learn, so he was always reading. Many of the books he read were about strange or unknown creatures. He had an urge to create, so he built great sculptures of make believe monster creatures. He had an urge to travel, so he traveled to rarely visited corners of the earth in search of legendary beasts. Suddenly, Bob wasn't ordinary anymore.

But, he still went by Ordinary Bob. He was still thrived in his profession as a banker and he still loved tennis and the joy of slamming his net against a plummeting ball and he still enjoyed time with his ordinary family. Bob started wondering if he was never really ordinary in the first place. To the acrobat, who every day does flips in the air, being an acrobat feels pretty ordinary. To the sky diving enthusiast, whose taken countless plunges from the tip top of the sky, falling toward the ground attached to a parachute can start seeming pretty ho-hum. And anything as a familiar as a family might start to feel ordinary, but every family is familiar. So Ordinary Bob had always been Extraordinary Bob and Extraordinary Bob would always be Ordinary Bob. 

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