Monday, July 30, 2018

Monica Discovers a Majestic Beast While Enjoying Her Morning Swim

Here is an illustration I did recently. 

Every morning, Monica swims in the lake. She likes to explore hidden parts of the lake that most other people leave alone. The lake she swims in is a huge lake, full of mystery and possibility. Sometimes she'll swim to little islands in the middle of the lake. Then she'll stretch out and sunbathe before swimming back to more familiar shores. Sometimes she hold her breath as long as she can and swim to the bottom of the lake. When she emerges, she'll often have seaweed drooping from her hair and tangled around her limbs. She has met some interesting creatures in the lake. She met large fish, small fish, beavers, otters, frogs and turtles. One morning though, she met an even more magical creature than ever before.

Monica was in the midst of one of her lake floor delves. She was in a part of the lake she'd never really explored before. Through the murky haze of the lake water mixed with the sun rays, she saw two orb eyes staring at her. After an initial moment of disbelief, her eyes adjusted and she saw something truly amazing: A lake monster! She reached toward the amazing and fantastic creature.

The lake monster looked at Monica with similar disbelief. He had heard of such creatures as humans, but he didn't know they actually existed. This human was a strange, fleshy little thing. It looked tender and vulnerable and silly flailing about in the lake. But the little human was so delightful all the same. He wondered if the other things he heard about them could be true too? Did they really create metal contraptions that could fly or speed down long stretches of  land? Instead of having scales, did they make their own outer layer and change it everyday? Did they really walk on two legs like some sort of wobbly tree with legs? The lake monster had been curious of the myth of humans forever. Now, he finally got to meet one. 

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