Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kelsey Creek Farm Part Two: Goofy Goats

I love goats because they are such goofy and clever creatures. The goats at Kelsey Creek Farm were just as charming as your average goat...which is to say they were each oozing with charm. 

There were two different areas with goats. The first area I saw had a mama goat and her two playful kids. 

One of the kid goats was extremely friendly. He came right over to investigate me and see what was going on.

In a seperate pasture there were two goats. Both of them were very hungry and eager to eat the leaves from the tree in their pasture. The goat in the purple collar was particularly talented at standing on his hind legs. I can imagine him learning to walk like a human while wearing a bow tie.

Due to the aforementioned goat charm inherent in each one of these bearded, bleating creatures, I am surprised that there are not more goats that have made it in Hollywood. There are many roles for famous dogs: Benji, Lassie, Tin Tin, Beethoven. And there is the famous bear actor Bart the Bear. But there are fewer goats strutting around Hollywood sets. Someone needs to make a movie all about goats! The only goat movie I can think of is 'Heidi.' However, given that animals aren't always treated properly on the sets of movies, it may be for the best that there are no goat movies.

Sometimes when people are irritated by something, they say 'Oh, that really got my goat!' about the subject that is aggravating them. It is as if we all have our own personnel goat that follows us around, and as long as we can maintain a calm demeanor and inner serenity, the goat will remain with us. But if something bothers us, the goat is stolen away! I looked more into this saying and really hearkens back to when goats were used for their mystical calming abilities. Goats have traditionally used their calming power to ease the frayed nerves of race horses. Being a race horse cannot be a relaxing way of life. There is so much pressure, movement and high expectations hefted upon you if you are a race horse. In order to calm nervous Nelly racehorses, goats were put into their paddocks with them. The race horse had their own goat as a personnel wellness assistant. Goats are like therapists for the horses. Sometimes their would be smarmy ruffians who would have their eye to disrupt the chances of certain race horses to win the race. So, they would steal away the horses friendly goat...which led to  flustering the horse or enraging the horse hence, getting the goat.

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