Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oscar is Ready to Shop Till He Drops

Animals in general are very good at turning nooks and crannies into a hangout zone. Cat's are the absolute best at this. My two little guys, Wendel and Mue Mue have turned countless cardboard boxes into kitty forts. But Ozzie's got his own skills in this department. A partially cracked closet was suddenly the PERFECT spot in Oscar's mind to take in a little relaxation.

Oscar's new relaxation spot was littered with reusable bags. Oscar has seen us leave with these bags over our shoulder, so he knew how it worked. He got the bag over his own shoulder. He was ready to get some groceries! And I have a pretty good idea what his shopping list would look like: bones, dog treats, bully sticks, a different variety of dog treats, hot dogs and a fillet mignon. Maybe if the little guy learns to cook he can come along and pick out some ingredients, but for now he is just going to have to be happy with his doggy kibble.

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