Friday, June 15, 2018

Georgetown Part Four: Windows and door

Windows and doors...portals from one place to another. Connecting the inside from the outside, one room from another, this realm from that realm.

This door looks like it leads back in history. It looks like you can open it up, walk inside, and find yourself in the 40's or 30's or 1890.  On one side of the door- people gazing at their smart phones or listening to music through ear buds, on the other side of the door, the clickity clack of horse hooves against the ground. All the people would be austerer yet bedraggled, as they made their navigate life in olden day Seattle. I never opened the door so there is not way for me to know for sure if it is just an ordinary door leading into a building or a door that is a portal to the past. 

While for the most part, these sorts of whimsical wonderings are thought to be ludicrous- some people do claim they have experienced time slips! There is a street in Liverpool England called Bold Street that is notorious for the amount of time slip stories involving it.

An officer of the law named Frank lost track of his wife while spending a lazy day shopping. But he didn't just get lost down the street, but it seemed he got lost in an another century. Stores that no longer existed were suddenly there and bustling with business. People wore clothes that were in style during war time. Modern cars seemed to be replace with old time cars only. He went to go inside a clothing store he had never seen before, and when he stepped inside, he was suddenly in a familiar bookstore, and back in his time again.

In another instance, a woman entered a store to find amazing prices! She gathered many items and went to pay. When she handed the checker her card, she was greeted with both confused and suspicious looks. She was told that the store accepted only money as means of payment. The woman had no money on her and was forced to leave the amazingly priced items behind....behind in history! When she told her mother of the experience, her mother claimed the store she spoke of went out of business years ago!

Another time, a thief was running with all the speed and endurance he could muster. He was escaping the police officer close behind him. The police officer was close on his tails when he seemed to see the man disappear into thin air! The thief was thrilled he had shook the eager officer. His joy soon turned to apprehension as he noticed something was off...everyone around him was in old timey clothes and the very landscape itself had morphed! He walked by a newsstand and saw in bold letters the year: 1967! The thieving rapscallion really started to panic. How had he ended up in past? What about all he loved in the modern world, not just modern conveniences but his loved ones living in the modern era? Luckily, he made his way back into his time, and hopefully, reconsidered his career path as a thief to that of something with more purpose and less deceit. 

I have not heard any stories of time slips happening in Georgetown, but who knows, maybe such accounts have been kept hush-hush. Georgetown always feel a bit anchored in a different time, a certain collision of pasts and present. 

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