Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Oscar Goes on a Smelling Tour of Seward Park

Ozzie is still new(ish) to Pacific Northwest. He has been a resident for less than a year. This means he has many parks left to explore- which I am happy to facilitate! Recently, we visited beautiful Seward Park! Seward Park is home to old growth trees. It definitely has a majestic and ancient feel to it. The nature trails wind through the woods and spit you out to a more open area on the shore of Lake Washington. It is a nice escape from the city even though it is in the city.

Ozzie and I were interested in different things while at Seward. I was drawn to small stuff. He was drawn to smelling stuff.

Small Stuff!

The forest is vast and full of large trees, but sometimes it is the small stuff that really captures one attention. There are hundreds of different worlds of size out there. There are things so small we don't often notice them. There are things so small we can never even see them.

Speaking of small stuff...some sort of small creature made a very interesting pattern on some of the leaves:

Silver squiggles on a green background- it looks like a fabric design for a fancy yet quirky dress.

Smelly Stuff:

Oscar's keen canine nose was interested in things off all size!

Oscar had foam on his nose from his over exuberant smelling! 

Ozzie thinks ferns smell rather good! They smell like the history of the world from when dinosaurs roamed the earth to now, when rocket ships blast toward outerspace. 

Here is Oscar, just stoically sniffing the lake air! 

Dogs sense of smell is basically like a super power. They can smell between 10,000 to 100,000 times better than us. Imagine if we could smell that well! It would be a very different world. (Learn More about Dog's Sense of Smell from PBS)

Sometimes at my work at the animal rescue we will get blind dogs or deaf dogs or even worse blind and deaf dogs! It makes me very sad for them, but then I remember, there world is the most dynamic within their nose. As long as they can smell the world, they can understand the world. So even without seeing or hearing, they still get to enjoy the beauty of the world through their sense of smell.

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