Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Oscar Digs a Hole

One day, while in the back yard, Oscar was overcome by the intense need to dig. He smelled the dirt and he seemed to spark with inspiration. His little paws were no longer just instruments of transportation, they were tools for digging. He put his nose to the dirt, sniffed in the glorious smell and frantically paddled at the dirt with his fuzzy paws.

Was Oscar just digging a hole for the heck of it, or was he digging a hole to get somewhere? He certainly seemed on an intense mission. The dirt probably smelled like something to Oscar that we couldn't comprehend...animals, history, worms, dogs that once were in contact with that very dirt but now were just the memories in their humans hearts. All those scents told a story to Oscar that we could never comprehend, and Oscar was going to get to the bottom of it.

Maybe if Oscar dug far enough he would find himself in a wondrous new place to explore. Traditionally when little kids dig holes in their backyards, they claim they are digging a hole to China. Oscar of course has no concept of China. It is just one amazing world to dogs.

Maybe Oscar was digging a hole to the center of the earth. There are all sorts of interesting theories about what is in the middle of the earth. Some people think it is a hollow earth. In this hollow earth are all sorts of fascinating sights like dinosaurs and giants and aliens and a huge sun. Oscar would probably be pretty thrilled to meet a dinosaur. I can just imagine him wanting to be friends with a huge lumbering triceratops.

Once Oscar dug a shallow hole, he placed his head in it. Presumably he was inhaling huge, informative sniffs.

Whatever the odors were telling him, he soon decided that was enough and halted his journey toward the middle of the earth, deciding his life here on top of the earth was pretty grand after all.

Sometimes though, he will get that lingering curiosity, and decide just for a short time, maybe he should try again to get there, to that magical mysterious place (whatever it is in his doggy mind).

But in the end he always decides that he likes his home and that he is okay with just laying on the comfy, safe bed where he can daydream about magical lands of dinosaurs and pork chop castles.

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