Friday, May 25, 2018

Georgetown Part One: Truck Corner

Sharp Shooters is back! Yes, it has been many years since our erstwhile photo club has trekked the streets of Seattle looking for interesting subject matters to shoot, but we are out of hibernation and ready to capture the intrigue of the city through our photo lens again. Colorful, rugged, artistic, strange and unique Georgetown is a good destination to start. 

I took lots of photos on that day, but I will start off with 'Truck Corner.' (Warning: Truck Corner is my own made-up colloquialism and if you were to actually talk to anyone else about Truck Corner, they would have no idea what you were talking about.) There is a corner on the main drag of Georgetown that has several big trucks parked there. They must have first been parked there a long while ago. The trucks feel abandoned now. They are now covered with prickly vined blackberry brambles and rust and graffiti. 

It has been a strangely static little corner for a city that changes everyday. Every since I first remember going to Georgetown, these trucks have been here. I never see any people working on or near the trucks. Maybe people are there at different times when I am not around. It seems though like a place for ghosts.

I did find something new though. Maybe this has been here the whole time too, as I was a bit bolder with my exploration this time. I found big boxes full of metal shavings. I'm not sure what they are from or for, but there is something pretty about them. They look like trinkets that robots would give to each other for Christmas.... little metal gems....curly Q's of shiny metal that one robot could use to show another robot how much he cared. 

One thing I really like about photography is it really encourages you to delve into the visual landscape of a place. Truck Corner is a very small partial of space, but there was so many visually interesting things to capture through my lens. The more I look the more I find. Photography forces the photographer to be constantly curious. The world needs more curiosity. We'd be a gentler and more empathetic place if our minds were always alive with sparks of curiosity. If our camera teaches us to be more curious about small stuff, our hearts will learn to be curious about the big things. Truck Corner today, the world tomorrow! 

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