Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ducks from Different Neighborhoods

When I lived in Ballard, there was a house I used to pass that had a miniature duck farm. It was darling! I loved to stop and say 'hello' to ducks. I also always admired the hand painted name plaques.

Ballard didn't just have this group of domesticated ducks, there were also the two wild ducks that returned to Ballard every spring and summer.

Now that I live further South, I have a whole new slew of ducks to be delighted over. Near my house is a small lake that is home to many ducks. The neighborhood loves feeding them, so most of the ducks are pretty friendly.

During the winter there are a larger variety of ducks then there are in the spring and summer. The Winter ducks like it here is Seattle. But during the Spring, there are ducklings! The ducklings are so precious. They make the sweetest little chirps as they glide along side their mother in the lake. Every time my dog Oscar and I go on walks by the lake, we stop the admire the little ducklings as they grown and learn about the world.

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