Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Review: Patience by Daniel Clowes

I finished reading recently Daniel Clowes' graphic novel 'Patience.'  Daniel Clowes' has  a unique and recognizable artistic style that I appreciate. A few of the other novels of his I have read have a bit of a surrealist bent to them (Like a 'Velvet Glove Cast in Iron' and 'David Boring'), which 'Patience' had but with more sure footing in the scifi genre. The story was about a common and delightful scifi trope: time travel!!! Hurrah! Who doesn't enjoy a good yarn involving time travel. But it is not just a story of time travel, it is also a story of love and mystery.

Jack Barlow's pregnant wife Patience is murdered and Jack quickly becomes the suspected guilty party. Eventually he is proven innocent and is let out of jail, but his freedom doesn't mean he has his life back. He is suppose to be living a life as a father and a husband, and instead he is a lonely drifter with a chip on his shoulder. He wants revenge against his wife's killer. He wants to know who the murderer is. He wants the life he was suppose to have with Patience at his side. When he discovers a means to time travel, he feels this is his opportunity to right the wrongs of his past and to save his wife and unborn child. 

The reader is brought along with Jack and Patience as Jack discovers secrets from Patience's past and Patience encounters strangeness and unexplained encounters.

Patience was a very interesting and enjoyable book that I recommend! 
Pair this book with: Sitting on a patio on a sunny but slightly chilly day, a warm cup of tea, and the sounds of the outside world (birds, distant cars, breezes in the leaves.)

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