Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oscar Meets and Alien

Oscar has a fascination for scurrying creatures. His absolute enthusiasm for squirrels jolting up telephone powers causes him loose the ability to process any information except 'squirrel, squirrel!' Squirrels are his absolute favorite of scurrying creatures, but he has also shown fascination for other furry scurriers. There are a couple of neighborhood cats who like to dart across the street and into blackberry bushes. These cats also hold a high place in his mind. At night time, we see raccoons, who do a kind of lumbering scurry, into the bushes or the drainage ditch. He wants to go explore the drainage ditch so he can meet the raccoons. I say no! He also has a fascination in dogs that do more a scurry, bark-bark, dash back and forth in front of their yards as we pass by. He sees them and perks his ears and whimpers. He wants to be friends, even though most of these dogs see him as foe. Flying creatures he has shown less fascination for although he has barked at ducks and tried to chase a couple of crows before. Mostly he leaves them to chirp and fly in peace.

But what about Aliens? While taking a late night stroll, Oscar and I saw this creature emerge from the shadows. Eyes glowing with supernatural eeriness, he skulked past us. Oscar was quite interested. But he hesitated. Chasing an alien might be dangerous. The alien slunk away, back into the darkness. Oscar missed his chance.

The next day on his first walk of the day, Oscar looked toward where the alien had been. The alien had left no trace behind, except for maybe a few stray strands of orange fur. He was somewhere else now, probably curled in a sunspot, with the sun making his whiskers glow. His yellow eyes were closed and his tail occasionally twitched. Later he would wake up and lick his paws and fur before another adventure in the murky night, tricking hapless dogs into thinking he was something even mightier and more mysterious than he already was. 

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