Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Beautiful Friendship Between A Pig and A Kitten

I was in a car as a passenger, driving through downtown Burien when I spotted something delightful: A lady cuddling a baby brown pig. I am not sure if the person I was in the car with believed me when I recounted the adorable sight.

Many months later, I was in downtown Burien again, this time on foot. I went into a pet store when I discovered the most amazing and utterly adorable sight: A chunky pig cuddling with a kitten!

I'm pretty certain this kitten-cuddling pig is the grown up version of the pig I had seen earlier. 

The pig was a rescue pig that the pet store was trying to find a home for. The pet store owner fostered the pig. They found her a home, and I suppose she was separated from her kitten friend. Hopefully her kitten friend also found a home. Even better if they went on to live together forever!

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