Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Walks with Ozzie: Spotting the Segway Couple

For a while during our walks, Oscar and I kept seeing the same couple. It was an older couple. They have probably been in love for years. They didn't just take leisurely strolls together like many old couples, they took adventurous Segway rolls together. Wherever we went, Oscar and I saw the Segway couple. It didn't matter if we went at 7 am, noon, or 7 pm. There they were dashing past us on their wheels. It didn't matter if we went North, West, East or South. We'd inevitably see the Segway couple zoom by. Eventually we got in the habit of smiling and waving. Maybe when they went home together they said, isn't it weird that wherever we roll and whenever we roll on our Segway we see that same woman and scruffy dog? Do they just spend their entire day walking?

They would be half right. During the summer, when we first saw the Segway couple, Oscar and I really did spend a lot of time walking! We see lots of interesting sights and Ozzie smells lots of interesting scents on our walks together. But the Segway couple was one of the most interesting! (sights at least, you would have to ask Oscar if the Segway couple also smelled interesting.) Because I saw them everywhere, I did feel like the four of us were a bit of unrecognized kindred spirits... out in the neighborhood, exploring and enjoying the sunshine.

Then, one day, we stopped seeing them. It has been a while now since Oscar and I saw our Segway friends. Maybe they are rolling around some other town now. Maybe they stay in a spot for a couple of months before putting on back packs and rolling down lonesome roads to a different spot to explore. 

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