Friday, March 9, 2018

Vac Shop Creatures

On the edge of Georgetown in Seattle is a vacuum shop with both artistic and religious flair. They offer free bibles inside and remind passerbyers that Jesus loves them. On the outside of the shop you are greeted by an array of kooky and charming vacuum creatures. I've admired this shop may times while in the car or on the bus, but finally I passed it on foot with a camera in tow. 

Based on the Jesus signs and the fanciful vacuum characters, I knew there must be a story! I decided to do a bit of an Internet search to see if I could dig anything up. It was a very fruitful internet search! I found this amazing video about the Vac Shop: Vac Shop. The owners of the Vac Shop seem like admirable people who put a lot of care into both their job repairing vacuums and their moral duty helping people in need.

I love the little creatures and think that the elephant with it's big eye lashed eyes is my favorite.

The Vac Shop also represents a Seattle that is slowly disappearing- the creative and the quirky, the blue collar, the historical. The Seattle that isn't shiny new developments. There is a whole website dedicated to chronicling Vanishing Seattle.

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