Friday, March 16, 2018

Spotting an Artist in Action!

My friend and I went to go see the Yayoi Kusama infinity room exhibit at the SAM a couple of months ago. My phone ran out of batteries so I do not have any pictures of it, but it was really beautiful and amazing. I had to wait in quite a bit of lines, but it was worth it!

While at the SAM, we also wandered around and looked at all the other art on display. In the room that plays videos, there was a video playing called 'Dragging a Painting' by the artist Margie Livingston.  I was super excited because not only was it by a local artist, but this video was created right by my work! My works building is even in a shot. It is kind of strange to think that the sad alley you have walked down hundreds of times to get to work is featured in a work of art in a legitimate museum!

Then, several months later, something even more exciting happened! I saw the artist in action! I hollered to my friend/coworker that we were witnessing a true-blue respected artist int he process of making her art! She was wearing the same black garb that she wore in the video and she was dragging a canvas, just as she did in the video, but the one she was dragging when I spotted her was much smaller. I took some pictures and considered saying hello, but she seems the serious sort that would rather not be interrupted by onlookers. Plus, I am shy. But it was definitely exciting!

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