Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Oscar Plays Tug-a-Peace

Oscar has a gentle, peaceful heart (which is occasionally overwhelmed by his mischievous spirit and rough and tumble play spirit) so when we play tug-a-war I imagine we are really playing tug-a-peace. Soulful eyed Ozzie is to sweet for war.

We have fun though, both pulling with all our might on which ever toy takes our fancy. Oscar has the jaw strength of a hungry shark!

One of Oscars favorite toys was the lion toy pictured above. I don't understand why, but he loved it. I got it for something like a dollar in the pet toy bargain bin. He liked to pull of the orange mane and squeak on the lions globe head. Eventually, Oscar tore it to pieces. I had to get it away from him using trickery once it was just tattered pieces. After destroying the lion, I took it from him, but he had this particular expression on his face. It was his 'please, please give me that' expression. He has big, intense eyes that stare at you like they are staring into your soul, but all that with a tinge of pitiful and charming desperation. He was following me around with that expression, worried that I was doing exactly what I was doing, taking his toy away forever. He wouldn't leave me till I subtly picked up his orange rope toy, pretended to throw his lion toy but really threw his orange rope toy. Then I had enough time to hide the dead lion toy while he went scampering after the not-lion-but-orange-rope toy. It was kind of sad for me. It was my first betrayal of him. I'm sure I will have to make more. Taking him to the vet, leaving him with a friend when I go out of town, giving him less food if he gets chubby. These little betrayals we make that are for their own good are still hard sometimes. Dogs are so trusting. I just want to do everything to prove to Oscar he is right to put his trust in me.

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