Monday, March 5, 2018

Gloriana Buys a Potion

Here is an illustration I did recently! 

Gloriana did not have much to offer Marvina for the the potion. The cupboards were empty, the garden was full of wilted plants and the root cellar contained only one limp beet. But the time had come, she needed to meet Marina now or never have a chance for the potion. So, with a heart full of hope and cheeks rosy with uneasy embarrassment, she offered the Great Marvina the beet in exchange for the potion she so longed for.

To Gloriana's utter shock, Marvina wasn't just great, she was kind and wonderful and generous. She accepted the meager offering in exchange for the potion. "Thank you Marvina! Thank you, thank you! Now my greatest desire will come true!"

Marvina smiled at the young woman and slightly curtsied. Marvina turned around and walked through the field. The beet was gripped firmly in her hand. Marvina pondered what she would do with the vegetable. Boil it for supper? Use it to die her old white hat purple? Use it in one of her potions?

Gloriana hid the potion in her frock and began her walk. She walked five miles till she was at the seashore. With her long gown dragging along the sand, she walked into the sea till the water hit her knees. She pulled the potion from her frock and gulped it down. It tasted like sour berries and seawater. At first she felt normal, then she started to twitch. Her body twisted and morphed. She looked down at her hand and saw it was covered with shiny silver scales.

"It is happening!" She cried with joy.

The next moment, she shrank, her body finished it's metamorphosis, and she was who she was always meant to be, a fish, swimming merrily in the open sea. 

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