Friday, March 2, 2018

Bodacious, Radical, Botanical!

Botanical sounds to me like a slang exclamation of enthusiasm from the eighties...and I recently realized why.....the word is a pretty good combination of two common eighties slang that are exclamations of enthusiasm...bodacious and radical. I can just imagine someone saying 'I had an amazing day." and someone replying by saying "That's botanical!"

The reason why bodacious seems like such an eighties word is because it was used frequently in beloved eighties movie 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.' But really, the first known use of the word bodacious was in 1845! It is thought to be a combination of the words bold and audacious.

Radical is more commonly used now a days to describe someone with extreme views, but it use to be used often to describe something cool. The ninja turtles frequent use of the word (and it's shortened version, RAD!) helped popularize this as slang.

As of this date, botanical is still only used to describe plant life.

Near my house is a pretty bodacious and radical botanical garden. I went several times in the summer and now that it is still cold, it is nice to look back at the pictures and reminisce about when plant life was thriving and green.

It may be gray and gloomy, put plants will reign green and supreme again!


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