Friday, February 9, 2018

Window Watching

If I hadn't moved to Seattle, I probably would have moved to San Francisco. I lived 40 minutes away when I was a kid and sometimes my dad and I would go to the city to see the art museum and to see the turtles that live in the pond in front of the art museum.

When I was in college living much further North, we would visit San Francisco on the weekends sometimes and eat things like Thai food which we didn't have in the small college town I lived in. We would wander around the city and go see bands play at strangers houses, or strangers who were friends of friends of friends. One time, we stayed in Oakland and took the bart into San Francisco where we went to a bar on top of the tallest building and had 11 dollar gin and tonics.

While living in Seattle, I went to San Francisco again and took pictures from the hotel room, musing that if I had decided things slightly different, this could be my city.

Looking out the window to a bunch of windows with curtains down. No 'Rear Window' situation here. Unless I had waited longer, I could have seen a suspicious silhouette. Once in college I looked out the window of my friends dorm and saw to shirtless men swinging nunchucks at each other. A couple of weeks later, I read int he school newspaper police blotter that nunchucks were confiscated from a dorm room.

These constructions workers probably get some fabulous views. They probably have a nice life. They spend their days building and feeling the fresh air and they go home feeling accomplished and beautifully tired. They eat their dinner with their family and they all tell stories of their day and the construction workers tell stories of the things they see from way up high.

Somewhere in a parallel universe I am living in San Francisco and I went to Seattle to visit where I took pictures from my hotel room of all the interesting things I saw. 


Love, Mom said...

I like the pictures of SF. The one with Coit Tower reminds me of a story that happened to me in 1969. I wanted to rent an apartment in SF. I looked at a large studio apartment that a friend of mine knew the owner of. It was an older building and it was on the top floor. The building had about 3 stories. It had windows that covered the wall that looked out towards the bay and then another wall had windows that you could see the ocean from. I think I can see the building in your photo. If you look straight down from Coit tower about 3 buildings down, and then go to the left about 4 buildings is the building I am talking about. Those are the windows you could see the ocean from. Also Golden Gate Bridge. It is the building with the most windows in that area. The view was unbelievable. I can still see it in my mind. I was lucky to see it on a sunny day in the middle of the day. It was unforgettable - I still remember it 49 years later. I was not chosen to rent there. I always wonder how my life would be different if I had lived there. Like you, I never moved to San Francisco.

Amber said...

Hi Mom! I like this story. I wonder too how your life would have been different if you got that apartment.