Monday, February 5, 2018

The Mini Mushroom Welcoming Committee

Here is an illustration I did recently. 

Marla and Henri were cordially invited to the mushroom village. They received a grand welcome full of trumpets, balloons, banners, and rip roaring cheers. Much delight and merriment were shared by all until....Marla let slip she was vegetarian.

 Grendel the Mushroom asked "Don't you miss hamburgers?"

Marla replied, "Oh no, not at all! Instead of a meat patty, I will have a portabello mushroom patty!" As the words tumbled from her mouth...she realized her horrible mistake. The entire welcoming committee gasped in utter horror and outrage.

"Portabello Mushroom burger??" Tommy cried, tears bursting from his small eyes, "That is how my Uncle Francisco died!"

Shelly hollered 'My best friend Flerberg died that way too! Eating mushrooms for burgers is an absolute travesty!"

Marla gave Henri a look that was suppose to wordlessly say "Help me get out of this pickle!" But Henri just sat and smiled. Marla had many a time guilted Henri about his love for red meat.

"Karma." He thought as he remembered Marla smugly judging him last night at dinner as the juice from his hamburger pooled in the fur around his mouth.

"What's that?" Marla said to nobody, "Sure Mom, I'll be right there!"  Marla got up abruptly, "I don't know if you heard, my mom has a voice that is an octave mushrooms can't usually hear, but I must be going, my mother needs me."

"Aren't you a little too old to be listening to you mom?" Lulu said, "I'm only a mushroom after all, but I do believe you are a full grown human."

"Gotta go!" Marla said and dashed off.

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