Friday, February 23, 2018

Scandinavian Museum, Scandinavian Folklore

I went to the Scandinavian Museum and saw all sorts of neat art and learned about local Scandinavian history. These pictures are from a while ago, and since my visit, the museum is being relocated and made into a more extravagant museum. I will have to visit again when it reopens. 

This is me!...Blending right into old Ballard during its hey-day of being populated mostly by Scandinavian immigrants.

I am super confused about this headless dog.

I wish I could have this chair for my house!

One thing I think is particularly interesting from Scandinavian culture is their folklore. Here are three especially intriguing figures from Scandinavian folklore.

  1. Drugen: Every Drugen was once a man, a sailor or fisherman who lost his life in sea. After his death, his spirit transforms into a Drugen, a giant ghost covered with layers and layers of seaweed and rowing through the sea in rickety old boats. When the Drugen sees a sailor, he screams a horrifying scream. Maybe the Drugen is a sensible creature when he is just wandering aimlessly in the ocean, but when he sees infront of him a mortal man living the life he once lived, maybe he is overcome with emotion, jealously, loss and rage. The Drugen pursues any sailor he sees, and once he catches the sailor, he drags him to the depth of the sea. Sometimes, his victim becomes a Drugen himself.
  2. Trolls: Trolls are big, lumbering, dull creatures living in the woods. Trolls live in the mountains, creating homes with their family in darkened caves. Trolls thrive in the dark. If their flesh is touched by sunlight, they will turn to stone. 
  3. Kraken: Swirling and swimming in the deep Norwegian sea is said to be the mighty Kraken. Modern day people think of Krakens as great octopuses with the ability to cling onto mighty ships and drag them down, down, down to the murky depths of the sea. Krakens were also sometimes described as gigantic crabs, the size of an island. Sailors would fall overboard. For a brief moment, they would be relieved as they were washed ashore of an island, until the island started to move and they realized that the island was really a kraken! 

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