Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Oscar Makes a Fence Friend

Before we got Oscar, I tried to befriend Belle, our neighborhood dog who likes to bark at us a lot. According to the neighborhood legends, Belle did not like the dog that lived in our house before we did. They growled at each other, trying to convince each other with each growl that they were the best dog in the world. Little did they know the best dog in the world had not yet moved to the neighborhood...because the best dog in the world is my Oscar! While I'm sure every other dog lover out there wouldn't agree with me (because there own dogs are the best in the world!), the joy of dogs are that they are each the best to those who love them.

Before the best dog in the world moved in, I would talk to Belle at the fence. I only knew her name because I heard the neighbors call for her. She lives in the house behind ours, so I don't have much opportunity to talk to those neighbors in normally neighborly passings. Belle was slowly warming up to us. But then of course, we got Oscar, so I figured our slowly growing friendship was at an end. Especially according to the legends of her behavior to the other dog that lived in our house.

But Belle and Oscar have been quite cordial to each other.There is definitely some barking but nothing too ferocious. Mostly Oscar saying loudly and proudly "I'm Oscar! This is my house!" and Belle replying "I'm Belle! This is my house!" After the barking, they usually both pee near the fence, to better explain the whole situation to each other.

For now, they are just fence friends, but who knows, maybe some day Oscar and Belle will get to meet each other close up and become true friends!

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