Monday, February 19, 2018

Herbarium Part Three

Winter is a good time to work on the 'mounting' part of an herbarium. The collecting portion is much better done in any of the other seasons as the plants are abundant during this time of year. But sitting inside, researching, drawing and pasting delicate pressed plant specimens is a lot of fun in the Winter. It is a good thing to do with a mug of hot tea and an audio book while the winter blusters around outside. Plus, having some contact with the variety of plants in the world is a good reminder during Winter when very few of the plants are really flourishing. Of course, working on the mounting portion of herbarium can only be done if you prepared properly in the other seasons. Luckily, I have sooo many pressed plants ready for me!

White Oak:

Spotted Lady's Thumb:


Creeping Buttercup:

Lawn Daisy:

The rest of my herbarium:

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