Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roll Oscar, Roll!

Sometimes Oscar is struck with roll! I think it is the same as when humans suddenly want to dance. You hear that song that just makes you want to move and it doesn't matter. You can be in a grocery store, at the library, walking down the street or even at work. The tune is jangling away, the rhythm is thump thump thumping, and you just have to do at least a jaunty tap of your foot or a discreet twirl. We are motivated to move by sounds, but dogs are motivated by scents. Suddenly, Oscar will smell something amazing, and it makes him want to do a doggy dance! Unlike humans, he hasn't been raised with a burdensome sense of shame or an understanding of social moors, so when he wants to move to the direction of his heart, he does it.

 Keep on rollin' little Oscar! Move to the rhythm of your favorite scent!

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