Monday, September 18, 2017

The Winter Fox Protects the Forest

Today was a rainy, rainy day in Seattle. The sunshine is gone and it really feels like Fall. Winter is just around the corner. Here is a Winter illustration I did recently. 

The fox has existed thousands of years. The fox has lived thousands of places. Now it is the end, the coldest winter of all. But the foxes red coat is thick and the foxes big heart pumps warm blood.

The thing about Winter is that it makes you crave warmth, but you have to create that warmth on your own. You can do this by brewing a hot mug of tea, or cuddling with your cat, or building a fire in the hearth, or wearing a thick sweater. The cold is beautiful because it just makes you more pleased to be warm.

Sometimes you need help from others to stay warm. Sometimes an ancient fox scampers from the shadows and wraps around a forest, warming the entire woods, including the little log cabin full of a family of adventurers. The family spent the day in the snow, but now inside, they feel warm and safe.

Someday the parents will grow old and someday they will be buried in the woods. Someday the children will grow up into adults who will have there own children. The children will tell there own children about the fox that protected the forest. The children's children will just think it is another story like Santa Claus- not real, or only real in the sense of the spirit of the story. The children will tell the story but will wonder if they imagined the whole thing. The children will grow old too. As they age they will dream about the fox. Finally, they will know for certain it all was real.


It Gets Better Mental Health said...

Awesome blog :) very pretty and well thought out xx

Amber said...

Thank you! :-)

Autumn Elixe said...

I like that fox. Warm in a cold environment. I like the drawing very much and the story.