Monday, September 4, 2017

The Red Bird Sings to Glenda

Here is a picture I finished recently. 

The red bird swoops from different universes and sings to lonely strangers. When the red bird starts singing, everyone around cannot help but to dance. They are hypnotized by the dance. They keep dancing and dancing till all their limbs are sore. They dance to their head spins. Glenda has been dancing for five years. The red bird especially likes Glenda's dance moves. That is why he didn't stop singing to her. At first, Glenda was joyous to dance. But her joy faded when she realized she couldn't stop.

Then one day, somewhere in the distance, there was a loud sound.. a tree falling, a star colliding against a mountain, a factory explosion. The noise distracted the red bird long enough for him to stop singing. In the moments of silence, Glenda regained her composure. She put her hands against her ears and she ran. She escaped the red bird.

But every day for the rest of her life, she would still find herself dancing without even meaning too. She would be making dinner, and suddenly she would twirl. She would be walking down the street, tapping her feet like a tap dancer. She would find herself in strange places shuffling her feet in lazy dance moves. The red bird was in her now. Her soul was fused with his song, so she could never completely escape. Glenda learned to cherish moments of stillness like no one else in the world. When she grew old, she moved to a windless treeless mountain where she spent her days looking at the still gray slate of the mountain. Alone, quiet and motionless.

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