Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Bright, Bright Summer

Summer, in all its oppressive heat and crunchy brownness and overgrown greenery. Blue skies are always pretty but sometimes a person just wants to see the color gray.

I was at a park this summer just walking through, looking at the sunflowers with their heavy heads and feeling the sweat cling against me. Everything was blaringly green and growing. The crops were abundant but some of them were abandoned. Some times of the year are beautiful and horrible at the same time. Some places are both pretty and sad. Some people are this way too.

This park was so pretty but it felt a little lonely on the outskirts, even when I saw people wander by. But I was glad to be there to see the plants in the sun and watch the birds and moths flutter around the plants. There were dogs barking in the distance, and somewhere in the neighborhood near by the silent cats hid and waited for dark when all the dogs lumbered back home and the cats could escape into the wildness of night. 

Summer is almost over. And when it is gone, I will be glad. I remember I use to love it. The smothering warmth, the sweat, the oppressive stickiness felt like shields of freedom. Every second was full of possibility and potential. But now, it is just the same except everyone is grumpier because they are hot. We are still at work doing work things. We are still at home doing home things. I can't wait till Autumn where I can walk down the street, feel a cool breeze on my cheeks and the beginning drops of drizzle falling from the clouds. I will be able to think clearly and move with dreamy purpose. I will be able to breath in big puffs of cool air. I will feel the rain water seep through the canvas shoes on that first day I left the house unprepared, but instead of thinking "darn, my feet are wet" I'll be grateful for the cold feet and wet socks and I'll think what a delightful surprise to my day. 

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