Friday, September 1, 2017

Garden Kitty the Second

Shortly after meeting Garden Kitty the First, I met Garden Kitty the Second.

Garden Kitty the Second lives at a garden center and nursery out in the country near Seattle. It is called Windmill Nursery. Windmill Nursery lives up to their name, as you can see below.

 I like plants. I like wandering around gardens and nursery's and looking at all the beautiful greenery.

But what I love even more than plants are animals!! So I was pretty thrilled to meet Garden Kitty the Second.

Garden Kitty the Second was quite the ham... rolling around, acting cute, knowing just how to perfect her adorableness to get the most 'awwws' and head scratches from me.

Windmill Nursery was especially amazing because Garden Kitty the Second was not the only garden animal they had.

The had....

Garden fish!

And a garden dog!

Overall, it was pretty awesome getting to hangout with all the garden plants and animals.

Any businesses with dogs and cats are better in my mind (as long as the animals seem happy, which they always have when I see them!). Book stores with cats are my favorite combinations. There are few things that go better together than cats and books! I know my cat's presence when I am reading always makes the book I am reading all the better.

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