Friday, September 15, 2017

Burien Yarn Bombing

I found some yarn bombing/ yarn graffiti in downtown Burien. I love the look and idea of yarn graffiti....mixing something thought of as wholesome (knitting or crocheting) with something thought of as hooligan mischief (graffiti.)

I can just imagine a granny in her living room, knitting away while watching cozy mysteries on the television. Her grandchildren assume their granny is knitting them another unwanted sweater. But instead, granny stealthily sneaks out in the middle of the night and gently places her sweaters on the trunks of chilly trees instead of the shoulders of her grandchildren.

Or the anarchist kid with DIY tattoos inching up her arms and spray paint stained finger tips. At night time she crawls out the window of her bedroom in the big  house she shares with six other roommates. The open window from her bedroom leads to the roof where she sits with  her knitting needles and yarn. She spends the rest of the night knitting designs to pin on fences and over bus stop benches, while  the stars glitter above her.

Or the knitting circle at the coffee shop, the college kid who loves to crochet mini animals also crocheting decorations for the city, the housewife or house husband, all the normal people with a hobby often thought of as mundane or cute or quaint...actually contributing to a secret system of city decoration!

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