Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Duck Park

There is a little park walking distance from my house that has a lake and lots of ducks. The little girl that lived in my house before I did called this place 'Duck Park' so I will continue with this tradition since the ducks are definitely the highlight of the park!

The ducks at Duck Park are all very accustomed to getting snacks from humans. Cars drive up to the park, people pile out with bags full of treats that they toss at the hungry ducks. So as soon as the ducks see someone peering at them with interest, they all start wading toward that interested person. First, a group of lady ducks swam my way and looked at with me with hopeful eyes. I had come unprepared. It was my first visit and I didn't realize the expectations that would be upon me.

After the lady ducks swam my way, some ducks further down in the lake saw some of their duck friends huddled around the shore, so they came my way also. One of the groups of ducks was a group of adolescent ducklings. One of the ducklings was quite feisty. He had a persistent friskiness I usually only attribute to cats or little, sparkly eyed dogs, but certainly not docile birds.

The little duckling swam up to the lady ducks and quacked at them with much ferocity. The lady ducks were startled at the little duck and his nerve. He was a gutsy little fellow, but also rude. He should learn to respect his elders, but alas, he respects his stomach most of all. He didn't want his stake on any treats being threatened by the presence of other ducks with an equal desire to eat. Unfortunately, lady ducks, feisty ducks, and adolescent ducklings were all left disappointed by my lack of offerings.

Little duckling proudly telling off lady ducks

While at duck park, I also spotted this very unusual duck. I looked in my bird book to find out what type of duck this is. The closest I could find was that it may be a female canvasback duck, or maybe a female redhead duck...but I don't feel very confident in either of these guesses.

Duck Park is also Dog Park, or at least in the mind of this little orange guy. Whenever I see a little dog by himself, I get anxious, wondering where his people are. Was this little guy lost and in need of assistance? No, his people were over by the shore fishing.

The lily pads are quite fabulous at Duck Park. They are huge...Dinosaur size!

Duck Park is a peaceful little sanctuary for all the hungry ducks to congregate. They can float and fly and swim and eat in the peace of still waters and greenery.

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