Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Review: Time Ginger by Julian Hanshaw

Tim Ginger by Julian Hanshaw was a book I picked up while rummaging the graphic novel section of the library. I was immediately drawn to the cover and also intrigued by the title as it is an interesting name for a character.

Tim Ginger is a story about a man's encounter with UFO's while as a pilot. He is so rattled and impacted by his experience, that he is moved to write a book about the experience. He wins the acclaim and admiration of those convinced that UFO's are real and their existence being covered by the government. But all of his fans that admire his bravery to write about his UFO experience does not mean his life is full of people. Tim Ginger is a very solitary man. He seems lonely, living alone in a trailer. But he was not always lonely. He once had a wife who he was madly in love with.

While Tim Ginger is on the book tour circuit, he runs into an old friend, and this reemergence of her in his life spurs on memories of his past. We learn about Tim Ginger and his wife and the deep connection they shared. Their connection began when they revealed to each other that neither one ever wanted children. It was a choice people in their life did not understand, but it was the choice best for them. One of the consequences of a childless marriage is that when your partner is gone, no part of them lives on in the form of a son or daughter. Even though the childless choice was the right one for Tim Ginger and his wife, he feels the devastation of this reality when his wife dies.

The story of Tim Ginger is about a man coping with loss and the difficultly of opening up again. Julian Hanshaw's beautiful illustration and poignant story telling techniques makes this graphic novel beautiful on many levels. I definitely recommend it!

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