Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beautiful Seahurst Park

I moved to Burien! Burien is a town right next to Seattle. I am close enough to Seattle to still appreciate all the joys of Seattle, while I also get to explore this new, lovely little town that is now my home. One of my favorite things in Burien so far is Seahurst Park! These pictures are from my first adventure to Seahurst.

Seahurst on a sunny day is blue bliss!

The little kids (and the not-so-little me) like to squash across the kelp covered rocks, looking for something pretty like a shell or rock or piece of sea glass.

More blue bliss.

Lots of the beaches in the Pacific Northwest are full of rocks instead of sand. It may not be as pleasant on your feet, but rocky beaches are particularly dynamic. I especially love when the rocks are all covered with barnacles. It is an explosion of texture.

I found an abandoned bouquet of buttercups. Chin up, slightly wilting buttercups!

Burien's Seahurst park sure is an idyllic place to spend a sunny afternoon.

This is just the first of many Burien adventures I am sure I will be sharing here. Although I live in Burien now, I still feel very connected to Seattle and feel like a Seattlite and Burionion (not sure if this is the proper term) at the same time! Although, who knows how I will feel in a month or year. Maybe I will be full Burionion by then. 

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