Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Moth Visitor

My cats were very excited because we had a visitor....

A moth visitor!

There are few things as fascinating to a cat as a little fluttering, zig-zagging creature as your visitor.

He lived in our house for a couple of days before Mue Mue's intent interest in him made me worry for the little guy's safety.

Before let him free out doors, I observed him in a jar. It is neat to see insects up close!

I did some research and this moth is called Large Yellow Underwing, which isn't the snazziest name for a moth, but it is accurate.

I've always really liked moths. They are pretty little creatures.

Once, during my first week of college living in the dorms, I saw a huge moth emerge from the darkness outside and flutter outside the window, attracted by the glow of cheap fluorescent light. It was the biggest moth I've every seen. As big as my palm...even bigger. Other than its size, it was an average white moth. I opened the window and captured it in my hands. I excitedly showed the other people who were in the dorm with me. But they thought it was gross, so I released back outside and it went fluttering away.

When I was little, I had a couple of pet silkworms. I fed them mulberry leaves from my neighbors yard and watched them munch and spin cocoons. Eventually they emerged as moths and had to be released into the sky. 

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