Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Endless Spring

The travelling garden show is always an exciting botanical spectacle to behold! Now we are well into 'plant season,' but the garden show usually arrives just in time to be inspired to create with natures medium: Plants! Here are some pictures from this years garden show. 

I was doing some research about interesting gardens around the world, and it seems like Cornwall in the United Kingdom is a hot spot of interesting gardens! Here are three gardens in Cornwall that I would love to visit!
  • The Eden Project: The Eden project consists of HUGE biodomes full of thousands of different plants! In Seattle, we are also getting biodomes. The project is being done by amazon. When I first heard of this project, I heard that the biodomes would be full of plants and that the public would get to visit them! I was pretty excited, but since the the tune has changed, and now from what I hear only amazon employees get to visit the biodome. Talk about disappointment. The Eden Project, however, is open to the public! One of the biodomes is set up to be like an actual rain forest! I don't think there are rain forest animals like monkeys and the such, but there are certainly all the botanical life of the rain forest. The other dome is a Mediterranean climate and also contains interesting sculptures. 
  • Glendurgan Garden has a maze made out of cherry laurel bushes. Garden goers can explore the maze and get lost in the maze. Garden mazes are very mysterious and I have noticed they are sometimes used in creepy stories as a motif. The most famous of course is in 'The Shining.' Little Danny runs away from his crazy father through a garden maze. But years ago I read an aMAZEing (haha, couldn't resist) book by Shirley Jackson called 'The Sundial' that also features a maze. Shirley Jackson is almost always eerie, and the element of the garden maze somehow just naturally reinforced the feeling of unease that persists in Jackson's fiction. What is it about garden mazes, something that should be though of as playful and lighthearted, that is so eerie?
  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan: A mysterious garden indeed full of rediscovered sculptures coated with moss. A wealthy family lived at the estate, but once the devastation of World War Two arrived, the family could no longer properly care for their gardens. Once they employed an entire staff of gardens, but then the war claimed the life of all but two of these men. The garden sunk in to disarray and was abandoned to nature. Years and years later, an intrepid group of gardeners decided to restore the garden.  The best part of the gardens are odd human sculptures, hiding in the overgrowth like resting giants. 
All of these beautiful gardens in one place made me think that probably there are people who travel around the world just to see gardens. There favorite thing in the world is the beauty of a garden, and with so many gardens to see, they are inspired to travel and explore the world, one garden at the time. It is just like the movie Endless Summer (which I have never actually seen, but I believe is about some surfers who move around the world according to where in the world it is closest to summer and then spend all their time surfing), except instead of chasing summer for waves, they are chasing spring for flowers. 

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