Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Befriending City Chickens

There is a drab and beautiful garden on the outskirts of downtown Seattle. It is up some strange stairs on the side of a hill. There are crows, apples rotting in the dirt, men sitting on the gardens benches trying to whittle away the day and chickens!

I've only been to this garden once, and when I went it was the end of winter. It showed all the normal signs of winter deprivation- abandoned garden plots, more dirt than greenery and a chilly loneliness. Now that it is warmer, it may be flourishing.

Surprise visits with animals are the best. That is why it was so exciting to meet the chickens. The chickens at this garden are so showy too- not your average chicken-next-door. These chickens have glistening feathers and ruffling plumage. They each have a noble stance and their eyes gleam with both knowledge and pride.

I heard a rumor about other city farm animals in Seattle-goats! Goats are the best. They are cheerful and strange and stubborn and smart. The goats in Seattle are a pack of goats with a job. Their job is to eat. They go to overgrown patches of weeds or grass and they eat and eat and eat till the grass is short and their job is done. The goats belong to a man and his business is to let the goats eats. People pay him to let his goats eat and afterward, he probably goes home with full pockets and pampers his goats and calls them by their names-Sally or Bruno or Rufus. He says "thank you Mabel, and here's an extra scratch behind your ears' or 'Way to go Earl.' A guy like this, he probably has pictures of his goats hanging in his home. When he is an old man, he will probably pay someone to paint a huge portrait of him and his goats. I don't actually know anything about him. I've only heard about the goats from friends, but that is what I imagine.

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