Monday, July 3, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #9: Annabelle Summons Forth the Spirits of Long Deceased Rabbit Royalty

Here is the ninth illustration in the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used tea, gouache and acrylic.

Annabelle was thrilled to be allowed admittance to the rabbit kingdom. It was a rare and beautiful honor. Annabelle crawled around the warren kingdom, meeting all the different rabbits and engaging in their favorite activities. In the last burrow Annabelle visits, she finds three rabbits huddled around a Ouija board.

“We are trying to summon the spirits of our great ancestors. We want to commune with them and learn the ancient rabbit skills lost to time” One of the rabbits said in response to Annabelle’s curious face.

“But we are having such poor luck at contacting the great old spirits.” Another rabbit said, a note of defeat in his squeaky rabbit voice.

“I can help with that!” Annabelle said, eager to be an asset to the amazing rabbit kingdom community. “Not to toot my own horn, but I have great abilities communing with the deceased.”

Annabelle sat down in front of the Ouija board. She closed her eyes and placed her hands gently on the planchette. “Come forth oh great rabbit spirits!” She decried in a powerful voice.

Suddenly, the dark burrow was glowing with bluish light. Before them were the long deceased king and queen rabbit of yesteryear. All the rabbits ohhhed and awed. The great rabbit ghosts then began to tell stories and old wisdoms. They taught the rabbits about which herbs cured rabbit fever, about how to use blackberry juice and the fur off their own backs to create beautiful paintings.  They learned how to dig more efficient burrows and how to create more stunning light in the dark. They learned how to grown their own vegetables so they would no longer have to depend on the vegetables of surly farmers. They learned all these great wisdoms and more. Eventually the rabbit ancestors started to speak in a language that Annabelle could not understand. The rabbits response to the stories told in new languages were even wider eyes and even more ohhhs and awwws. Just as suddenly as the rabbits, they disappeared and the calming blue light of their ghostly forms vanished.

“Thank you Annabelle! Thank you, thank you!” The rabbits hollered. They gave her a daisy chain necklace and a lunch of carrot cake to thank her, before she crawled out of the warren and into the light of day.

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