Monday, July 24, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #12: Annabelle Learns the Secret History of the Squirrels

Here is the twelfth illustration from the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used drawing ink, gouache and acrylic to paint it.

It is tiring spending a day having wild encounters with magical animals and various other whimsical creatures. When she met the squirrel, she couldn’t stop yawning. The squirrel, being a gentle hearted creature urged Annabelle to make herself comfortable. “What better way to greet the daze of sleep than armed with the words of a bedtime story.” The squirrel promised to tell Annabelle a grand story. He would tell her the secret history of the squirrels.

“A long time ago, my kind lived in a different world. It was a world full of peace. The squirrels lived in harmony, sharing everything from acorns to well wishes. But one day, a monster was unleashed upon their land. The monster chased the squirrels away from their home. The squirrel folk wanted to stay and defend their lands, but they had never been the type to tend toward violence. They had no way to defend themselves so they fled. They ran toward the shore where their boats were moored. The sea was turbulent, but not as turbulent as the wrath of the monsters. It would be a great wonder that their salvation came in the same form as their destruction: a monster! Slithering through the sea, they came upon the most magnificent sea serpent. The sea serpent was friendly and kind. She could see that the squirrels were struggling. She asked the squirrels what they were in search for. They replied they were looking for a new land to call their own. The sea serpent bowed and said that upon her back was a land like no other and they were welcome to inhabit the world upon her back. They didn’t know how to thank her, but they wept with joy. The squirrels moored their boats and climbed upon their new home. On her back was a mighty mountain, glistening in the sun. They climbed the mountain for ten months and ten days and finally came upon the perfect forest to call their own. They built homes and a community. The squirrels were at peace again. The squirrels never forgot the kindness of the sea serpent. This is why sometimes on a tree or on an acorn you may see an image of a sea serpent depicted. The squirrels places these images there in honor of their great savior.
And that is the story of my people” The squirrel said, more to himself as he expected Annabelle to be asleep. But the story had riveted her and she was wide awake, wanting to learn more.

The squirrel requested that for each story he shared, he wanted to hear a story from Annabelle about her own secret history. So Annabelle and the squirrel swapped stories and became great friends.