Monday, July 10, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #10: Annabelle Shares Pie with the Lake Turtles

Here is the tenth illustration in the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used acrylic and gouache.

Annabelle had spent much of the day wandering in the woods and was caked with dirt and dripping with sweat. She was craving refreshment. While walking, she happened upon a glistening lake with ducks peacefully floating a top it. The water beckoned to her. 

“Geronimo!” Annabelle yelled as she dove into the lake. The little baby ducklings scattered as the water rippled the surface.

 Underneath the water, Annabelle came across the most delightful party. Several turtles huddled around a freshly baked pie. One of the turtles was just about to slice the pie when Annabelle came floating there way.

“Hewoooooo” Annabelle greeted in a mixture of words and bubbles.

“What a peculiar creature.” One turtle said.

“What do you suppose it is?” Another asked.

“Stranger and stranger!” A third turtle says.

“Let’s serve it some pie and figure out what it is!” The fourth turtle declared with excitement.

Annabelle was willing to do a lot in order to get pie. Answering the prying questions of a group of curious turtles seemed small potatoes for the reward of sweet, delicious pie. So while they huddled around the rock table, Annabelle told tales of human beings. She started with stories as they once were, fur covered and swinging from branches. She told about great humans from history such as Amelia Earhart, Lucy the missing Link, Frances Nightingale and Cleopatra.. She told about mundane days of summer, watching the sunset while making friendship bracelets. She told about grand accomplishments such as exploring the world, creating languages and inventing fabulous creations. She talked about ways humans were different from turtles such as warm blood and the inability to go to long without fresh oxygen. As she finished the last sentence, she realized she really need a breath of air. She gently placed down her plate, bid the turtle’s adieu, and burst upward toward the sunlight and fresh air. 

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