Friday, July 28, 2017

Abandoned Trash, Be Gone!

Here are some pictures I took along an abandoned railroad track. It appears people are using the road as a place to abandon their trash. There are so many people creating so much trash, people don't even know what to do with it any more. Many people are doing what they can, but many people feel so discouraged, they don't really try very hard anymore to be thoughtful about their impact on the world. 

There is something kind of pretty about this road full of trash treasure, but only because things that look sad and abandoned hold a certain elegance. The flash of colors, the strange debris, the mystery of it's may all be interesting but it essentially represents a world to full of stuff. I saw a really sad picture of an island covered with trash debris where some of the hermit crabs use empty plastic containers instead of shells as their homes! Imagine being a hermit crab having to fend for yourself with a flimsy plastic container covering your delicate body instead of the safety of a hardy shell!

Sometimes the first step to living a life that is positive toward the earth is to just be reminded of the impact of humanity on earth. Sometimes too, it is about making small adjustments and not putting all the pressure on yourself to solve the environmental crisis. Here are small ways to live a more environmentally conscious life, besides the obvious of recycling!

  1. By used clothing. I've been getting the majority of my wardrobe from thrift stores since high school. This started more as a stylistic choice. I liked wearing vintage shirts and finding sweatshirts I could by for cheap and decorate. Later in life, I still appreciated thrift store style but now as an adult responsible for buying my own clothing, I also appreciated the low price of used clothing. Now as even an older adult, I am so use to spending thrift store prices on clothing, I get anxious at the idea of spending over 20 dollars on an item of clothing. I do get more of my clothing new then ever before, but I still find most of my favorites at thrift stores! There is something so wonderful about finding something unique and cheap at a thrift store... and you get to feel good about not contributing to production of more and more and more...things! 
  2. Bring reusable grocery bags with you when you go grocery shopping. In Seattle, it is a requirement to bring a reusable grocery bag with you or else you have to pay an extra five cents for paper bag. Five cents is hardly anything, but it does help you remember. Some people were grumpy when this law passed, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to become a more environmentally conscious city. Grocery bags aren't the only reusable item to make part of your routine...reusable water bottles and even reusable coffee cups to take with you to a cafe are all great ways to take a step toward protecting the environment from trash. Also, try using reusable Tupperware instead of plastic baggies for lunch. 
  3. Compost! There is more that is compostable than most imagine! Compost isn't just for orange peels and apple cores, you can also compost pizza boxes, used paper towels, tea bags and coffee grounds. 
Here are some fellows to cheer you on as you work to live a more environmentally friendly life! (Actually, I think they were just cheering the joy of a sunny day and the thrill of being up really high. They saw me walking by with my camera and immediately made it known they wanted their picture taken. I much appreciated their enthusiasm!) 


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