Friday, June 30, 2017

Weeds or Wonders?

Weeds, the disdain of the gardener, the rats or pigeons of the botanical world, the underappreciated little warriors and vagabonds of the kingdom plantae.

Here are some cute little weeds sprouting near a building.

Weeds are classified as such as soon as they appear somewhere unwanted.... in a flower garden full of perfectly lined marigolds and petunias....huddled beneath a tomato plant...sprouting between bunches of grass on a recently mowed lawn. But just because something is unwanted, doesn't mean it is not beneficial. Here are some beneficial uses for the most detested of plants:
  • Dandelions are known to be the peskiest of plan pests, but these pretty puff producers also make great salads! I don't say 'great' from a position of authority, since I have never tried dandelion greens, but this is the rumor in the plant world. 
  • Yarrow, mullein, golden rod and woad can all be used as natural dyes. 
  • Some people think weeds are known for their medicinal qualities. Chickweed is believed to relieve cough and stinging nettle is believed to help arthritis. Of course, and actual doctor may disagree with these claims. 
  • Clovers, dandelions, buttercups and bluebells all make lovely bouquets.
So next time you see a weed, think: weeds or wonders?


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