Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nature from Songs

  When I just barely miss the bus, it is the worst! Watching the bus pulling away from the curb as I dash toward it in a frantic and useless attempt to catch it always fills me with disappointment. Then, having to wait twenty or more minutes in the rain, huddled under a nearby roof eave squished next to a bunch of restless strangers. Sigh! Not fun. But just barely missing the ferry is full of delights. Once, when D and I were off on an island adventure, we missed the ferry by probably thirty seconds. At first, we were filled with utter disappointment! But then we got to spend a couple of guilt-free and indulgent hours exploring and lounging at the beach.

Before I moved to Washington, I liked to listen to the band The Microphones. There is something very dreamlike and wistful about their music. The band is from Anacortes (where this beach and the ferry terminal is located) and now that I have lived in Washington and visited Anacortes, I feel like I understand more of their inspiration. Just like this little beach, The Microphones music is beautiful, whimsical and a little lonesome.

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