Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Review: Ufology by James Tynion, Noah J. Yuenkel, Matthew Fox and Adam Metcalfe

I recently checked out a new comic book from the library. It wasn't a book I had been seeking out. I was in the mood for comic books and exploring the comic book section for something that looked interesting when I came across 'Ufology.'

This comic book reminds me a bit of ET, Super 8 and Stranger Things. It shares with these stories intrepid young protagonists, encounters with the strange and hints of conspiracy.

Becky is a dissatisfied young woman who feels disconnected with her peers, her family and school. But one day she decides to hangout with a classmate after school. While wandering the outdoors, Becky and the classmate explore a seemingly abandoned house. But the house harbors something strange. The encounter in the house leads Becky to aliens and conspiracies and to a friendship with an paranormal obsessed classmate named Malcolm. The action and the mysterious twists that Becky and Malcolm encounter lead them to uncover mysteries from the past. Together, the two try to solve the mystery of the strange encounters and the stranger occurrences.

I like this book for several reasons: Good artwork, interesting, well-paced story and a fun subject matter. Alien stories are endlessly interesting! Being a child of the 90's, I am very much influenced by alien lore. Aliens were all the rage in the 90's from X-Files, to that so-called-real (but actually fake) alien autopsy video.

Ufology really captures the feeling of being young and seeking out answers in the world. Becky and Malcolm represent two different common mindsets of the teenage years. Malcolm is hopeful, still holding on to the hope of mystery that fills all of childhood. Becky is disappointed with what the world has shown her thus far. The encounter that both teens share with aliens and conspiracy work to alter both characters views so Malcolm becomes more jaded and Becky more enthused. But both characters become wiser.

When I checked this book out, I thought it was a stand-alone novel, but apparently there are more! I will definitely check out book two of this series. 

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