Monday, June 26, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #8: The Forest Witch transforms Annabelle into a Bird

Here is the eighth illustration in the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used gouache and acrylic paint. 

While walking through the woods, Annabelle heard a beautiful song. The song had words about far off lands sung in a human voice. The backup lyrics were meowed by a chorus of cats. Annabelle followed the sound deeper and deeper into the woods. There she saw the forest witch tending to her mushroom garden.

“Hello.” Annabelle said to the woman.

“Oh my, it is not often I see other humans in these parts! How do you do?” The forest witch said.

“Oh yes! All the fantastic animals are just amazing. Sometimes I wish just for an hour I could be an animal too.” Annabelle replied with sparkling eyes.

The forest witch, who immediately took a liking to the intrepid young forest explorer, was inspired to grant Annabelle’s wish.

“If you could be animal, which one would you choose?” The forest witch asked.

“A bird of course! To soar the splendid skies! Nothing could be more fantastic.”
“If you would like, I could grant you your wish and turn you to a bird.”

“Oh yes! Please!”

With the flick of her wand, the forest witch transformed Annabelle into a robin as to grant Annabelle’s wish.

“Oh my!” Annabelle chirped, “I am a bird!”

“Only for an hour, so fly off! But before you depart, know that when you feel a tickle in your talons, the magic is beginning to ware off. At this point you must descend from your flight toward the safety of ground.”

Annabelle nodded her head solemnly in agreement and fluttered off into the sky. Flying was everything she had thought it would be and more. Annabelle was full of delight as she soared through the air. When she felt that tickle in her talons, she reluctantly descended back to the ground. Just as her talons hit the ground, she saw them transform into toes. Soon, Annabelle was back in her human form, but she would never forget the beauty of flight.