Monday, June 19, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #7: In the Brightest and Darkest Corner of the Woods, Annabelle Discovers the Forest Monsters

Here is the seventh of the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used acrylic, drawing ink and gouache.

Annabelle is drawn by a flash of color into the darkest corner of the woods. Carved into a bent tree dripping with sap were the words “Here be monsters.”

Annabelle had always been fascinated by monsters. She’d always wanted to meet one. She imagined having tea with bigfoot, or ridding upon the back of Nessie. When she was little and thought there were monsters under her bed or in her closet, she would ask them politely to come out and join her in a bed time story.

Annabelle descended into the dark and colorful woods. She began to hear howling and roaring. “The monsters!” She thought. Suddenly, she was seized with nerves. She never expected that she would feel such unease at finally experiencing something she’d always wanted to experience: meeting a real life monster.

Then, she saw them! The monsters! They gathered together in the clearing. They rumbled and growled. When she listened closer, Annabelle realized they weren’t rumbling and growling so much as having a conversation, a deep conversation about the meaning of life.

 Annabelle was fascinated as she eavesdropped upon them. It seemed over all the monsters had an optimistic view on the meaning of life. After the meaning of life, the monsters moved onto a new topic: what happens after we die.

“We turn into birds.” One monster said.

“We’re transformed into stardust.” Another monster chimed in.

“We go to a magical place.” One last monster said.

“Ahem” Annabelle said and came from behind the tree.

All the monsters looked at her, surprised and fascinated at the small humanoid creature.
“I’m Annabelle. I’ve got all sorts of theories about this topic!”

“Why lets here them then.” One of the monsters said.

Annabelle smiled, and began telling the monsters all her fantastic theories about life, death and the universe.

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