Monday, June 5, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #5: Annabelle Slips on a Disguise to Fit in with the Locals

Here is the fifth in the Annabelle in the Woods series. I used acrylic and gouache in this painting.

While Annabelle wanders in the woods, she sees many delightful creatures. When she sees the raccoons from a distance, she is especially drawn to them. She admires raccoons for their playfulness, cleverness and resourceful spirits. She wants to be friends but she is concerned she won’t fit in. From the inside, she is much like a raccoon. But from the outside, she is all human. In order to more easily persuade the raccoons to be her new pals, she slips on a mask, fake ears and a fake tail.

She spots the raccoons in a distant flower field. She tentatively approaches in her raccoon outfit.

“How do you do?” She says with a nervous smile.

“A human!” They say, immediately seeing through her disguise.

Annabelles heart sinks until the group of enthusiastic raccoons let out an applause and several hoots of “hip hip hooray” or “huzzah, huzzah!”

“We have always wanted to meet a human!” One of the raccoons said.

“Come with us, and let us have adventures together all afternoon” Another raccoon said.

Annabelle blushed, feeling both bashful and pleased. “Why thank you,” She said, “I would be delighted to accompany you on adventures far and wide!”

All afternoon, Annabelle and the raccoons climbed trees, explored the woods and played whimsical raccoon games.

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