Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ballard Mallards

Last spring and summer, I became acquainted with two neighbors. They are a very cute couple. They enjoy water and walks. They are......

....ducks! The best kind of neighbors!

Ballard is the neighborhood in Seattle I live in. It is fairly urban with lots of shops and restaurants in a cute downtown area, although there are nature spots nearby like the Ballard Locks, a marina, Golden Gardens beach and a couple of smaller parks and community gardens. It is still not the normal hangout for a couple of cute ducks. But these are streetwise ducks.

Last year, I saw them hanging out all the time, but colder weather came, and the ducks left. I thought I would never see them again, but now they are back! One of my neighbors says they have been coming here during spring and summer for years!

I have named the ducks Claude and Clover. It turns out one of my neighbors previously named them Ray and Georgia. I don't know where they go in the winter, but maybe there is someone in a warmer city somewhere in the south who has named them something else.

In Ballard, there are definitely people who are especially recognizable. Any neighborhood has their local characters who add charm to the neighborhood. But in Ballard, Clover Georgia and Claude Ray are two of the most charismatic eccentrics in town!

Quack on, little ducks!

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