Friday, May 19, 2017

Sunny Day Hobbies

The sun is back, time to catch some sun!

For some reason I had the urge to make sun know....those little plastic pictures that you paint and hang in the window. I have a prediction that these fun little projects will make a resurgence. First, they are pretty, and one might as well utilize windows as an added place to display decoration. Also, painting them is similar to coloring in a picture in a coloring book, and adult coloring books are all the rage right now.

When I got inspired to get a kit of sun catchers, I looked around at a couple of art and craft stores, but could not find them anywhere. I ended up getting these online. I noticed that there is a new method to make sun catchers with stickers instead of paint. So if you decide that you want to make some, make sure you aren't getting the sticker kind if you are in the mood to paint! I almost bought a sticker one, but luckily realized in time! Instead of getting to choose the colors yourself and paint on the parts, the blank plastic sun catcher comes with stickers you peel and put in certain shapes. I guess it is a little bit more like a jigsaw puzzle. So maybe if when you were a kid you preferred jigsaw puzzles to coloring, get the sticker kind but if you preferred coloring books to puzzles, get the paint you own kind.

I left the sun catchers on my windowsill to dry. It was a humid day and my apartment felt warm and stuffy so I kept all the windows open. But then we got a surprise rain and thunder storm! The wind blew the rain drops into the apartment and the windowsill was drenched. Rain puddled up in the shallows of the sun catchers. Luckily, the paint was dry enough no damage was done. But for a short moment, the sun catchers became rain catchers. 

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