Friday, May 26, 2017

Mysterious Lands and More Strangeness

It is a story about a land with strange properties, mysterious cult like followers and mysteries infused with every turn of the plot! I could either be talking about the adventurous and mysterious podcast 'Tanis' or the equally adventurous and mysterious 'Southern Reach Trilogy' of books. I read the first two 'Southern Reach' novels over a year ago. I liked both of them a lot, so I can' account for why it took me so long to finally read the third, but I can say what inspired me to finally read it...listening to the podcast 'Tanis.'

Surely the creators of Tanis were inspired by The Southern Reach Trilogy. Not only do the two have similar story elements, but similar feelings of eeriness and mystery. I definitely recommend them both!
In the last novel of the Southern Reach Trilogy ( Acceptance), we get both an origin story and a conclusion of sorts. 

If you like the mystery and eeriness of these two works, here are five more stories that will leave your mind itching.

1. Book: The City and the City by China Melville
2. Book: Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link
3. True life mystery: Mystery of the missing lighthouse keepers on flannan isles
4.  TV Show: The Leftovers
5.  TV Show: Fortitude (I haven't finished the first season, but so far it is really interesting and unsettling.)

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