Monday, May 29, 2017

Annabelle in the Woods #4: Annabelle Enjoys a Ride in a Snail Drawn Carriage

Here is the fourth in the Annabelle in the Woods series. I painted this using gouache and acrylic paints.

Annabelle was never in much of a hurry while in the woods. She loved to just enjoy the beauty of the experience of being in the woods. So when the snail offered her a ride in his carriage, she was not concerned about the ubiquitous slow pace of snails. She appreciated the chance to relax. As soon as she got into the snails carriage, it was like suddenly she was in a whole new world. Things that once appeared small were huge, things that once appeared huge were monumental to the extreme of infinity.

The snail took her through all sorts of amazing scenery. Annabelle admired the underside of flower petals as the sunlight filtered through the thin, colorful petals. The snail edged past a caterpillar munching on a leaf. The sound of the crunch boomed around them. The fuzzy caterpillars fur looked menacing and sharp rather than adorable, the way it usually looked. Annabelle observed mushroom, the feathers of nearby birds, porous rocks, grass blades and other itty bitty parts of nature in a whole new light.

“If only I could be small forever and explore the world from a whole new perspective!” Annabelle thought wistfully. But soon enough, she was stepping out of the carriage into the perspective she was accustomed to. But never again would she look at any tiny thing the same way.

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